Chère Virginie Grimaldi

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Dear Virginie Grimaldi,

Thank you for writing this book, “Il nous restera ça.” --this sweet, funny story of three  souls from the different generations and walks of life who end up living together inside a Parisian apartment. 

For brave Iris who keeps her sense of humor despite a terrifying ordeal with Jeremy, her controlling fiance. 

And for the adorable Theo, the aspiring pastry chef who has survived childhood of foster homes and heartaches to finally begin life on his own terms. 

And last but not least for the lovely Jeanne, recently widowed retired (Dior!)  seamstress who takes in both of them as roomates to help pay the bills so she can keep the home she shared for a lifetime with her beloved husband, Pierre.

Thank you for all your novels which invariably make us  laugh or smirk so often, with the cultural references we can all “get” ( like when you described Iris’s burgeoning belly as capable of fitting the Kardashian family ☺️) by the end we feel like we have been catching up with close friends over coffee. 

For all these endearing characters who remind us to keep seeking out the best of life despite the bad times, and that we should grab hold of friends whatever shape—our age— they come in. 

It is no wonder that you are France’s most popular author! 

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