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Frisson l'Ecureuil se Fait un Ami


Frisson l'Ecureuil se Fait un Ami

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Frisson l'í©cureuil n'a pas d'amis pour la simple et bonne raison que c'est trop dangereux. Il risquerait de se faire mordre! videmment, il est tríÂs bien prí©parí©, au cas o_ il rencontrerait un ami potentiel. Il possíÂde un porte-nom, des mitaines, un miroir et un citron pour s'assurer de faire bonne impression... Ages 4-8

That lovable little worrywart is back. And he's as scaredy as ever! In his latest adventure, Scaredy Squirrel sets out to make The Perfect Friend. And once he's spotted a perfectly safe candidate (with no teeth), Scaredy's ready. Armed with a name tag, mittens, a mirror and a lemon, he's prepared to make The Perfect First Impression. But just when every detail is under control, Scaredy's Action Plan takes a surprising -- and "toothy" -- turn. Will he survive this ordeal? Will he find his kindred spirit? Will he discover the true meaning of friendship? Read Scaredy's nutty story to find out ...Ages 4-8

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