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Lightning Fast French for Kids and Families

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From the Author

I have read that children who are multi-lingual have an edge in life, and since I wanted the best for my crew I decided to teach them a second language. We tried many different systems, but never made much progress.

I found the biggest obstacle to teaching my children a foreign language was time. I don't speak the language, so in order to teach I would have to first research and memorize. Somehow that just never happened.

I remember saying to my kids, "If we can just get to the point where we can speak to each other in another language, I think it will all start to come together for us! We can practice around the house, and then get comfortable enough to try it with outsiders".

And then, the light bulb finally came on. Instead of waiting for us to gain the ability to talk to each other, perhaps I could pay attention to the things we talk about and have them professionally translated into another language - and we could start talking to each other in another language right away!

This book is the result of that idea.  I wrote down conversations from our daily activities, and then had them translated.We were able to use the new language immediately - and without setting aside any time from our busy schedule; we just incorporate them into our regular routine.

We have had a lot of fun putting these together and using them, and have actually learned along the way.

Now it's your turn! Jump in and try it!

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