Welcome to the Book Fair! Bienvenue au Festival du Livre!

Welcome to the French Book Fair!

Please follow instructions received from your school book fair coordinator, and feel free to contact Bonjour Books DC staff with any questions directly:

Text/phone: 240-383-9163

Email: bonjourbooksdc@gmail.com

Teacher Gifts

Please consider purchasing a book for your child's teacher!  If you purchase from one of the registries (see links below), it will be automatically removed from their list.  

Please note that teacher gifts will be shipped with your order for you to deliver directly to your child's teacher.

If you are unable to purchase an item from the registry because it is sold out, consider purchasing a gift card for your child's teacher!  Multiple denominations available. 

Mme Salima (PS)

Mme Souad (PS/PK)

Mme Violaine (Kindergarten)

Mme Kelley (Grade 1)

Mme Francoise (Grade 2)

Mme Bonhomme (Grade 3)

M. Guiol (Grade 4)

Mme Delcroix (Grade 5)



Mme Salima (PS)

Mme Souad (PS/PK)

Mme Violaine (Kindergarten)