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Jai ose dire non ! Broché – 24 mars 2016 de Roland Godel  (Auteur)


Jai ose dire non ! Broché – 24 mars 2016 de Roland Godel (Auteur)

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For several days, Thomas has been obliged to do his homework in triplicate: his own and those of Quentin and Pedro, the school bullies. So, every night, buried under his quilt, he redraws the geography maps, copies his English homework and math exercises.  But he leaves  some mistakes to be sure the teacher doesn't notice because Thomas is one of the best students of his class. Melissa, his little sister, thinks that he can not continue to obey these two thugs and wants to tell their parents. But Thomas is terrified of the consequences if he tells.

Depuis plusieurs jours, Thomas est oblige de faire ses devoirs en triple exemplaire : les siens et ceux de Quentin et Pedro, les terreurs de lecole. Aussi, tous les soirs, enfoui sous sa couette, il refait les cartes de geographie, recopie les resumes danglais et les exercices de maths, mais en laissant quelques fautes pour etre sur que la maitresse ne sen apercoive pas, car Thomas est lun des meilleurs eleves de sa classe. Melissa, sa petite sur, pense quil ne peut pas continuer a obeir a ces deux voyous et veut tout raconter a leurs parents. Mais Thomas est terrorise, car il a peur des represailles sil les denonce.

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