Kylie the Crocodile in Paris

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Move over Babar, here comes Kylie the Crocodile!

Introducing Kylie the Crocodile in Paris, the tale of how a friendly crocodile ended up in the Paris canals --a brand new, delightful story for children of all ages. It is brilliantly written by Oliver Gee and gorgeously illustrated by Lina Nordin Gee, the dynamic husband and wife duo living in Paris.

In addition to the irresistible story of Kylie, who takes us along with her on a swimming adventure through Paris, this is one of those very special children's books where rhythm, rhyme, and pictures are perfectly executed, and the end result is pure magic.

You may know Oliver from his popular podcast, The Earful Tower and his recently published book "Paris on Air", one of our bestsellers and as one of our readers put it "The most entertaining and enjoyable book I have read this year!".

When I heard he had published a book for children about a crocodile living in Paris, well, I snapped my teeth at the chance to have it at Bonjour Books!

We are so excited to have this first, exclusive limited-edition --glossy, hardcover, and absolutely beautiful. We are coordinating with Oliver to schedule a live reading soon -- don't wait to grab your limited edition copy! $24.99 with FREE shipping throughout the United States!

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