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Le petit ours gris de la Mauricie


Le petit ours gris de la Mauricie

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This vibrant, engaging assortment offers children an entertaining introduction to the French language. From stories of friendship, family, discovery, and self-esteem to silly, snappy songs of one-of-a-kind barnyard animals, lullabies, and segments of classical music, children tune in to a variety of musical styles and multicultural experiences. The accompanying CDs provide children an opportunity to hear the pronunciation of the words and sing along as they learn the language.


A beloved French–Canadian singer tells the story of an adventurous young bear


A small bear, ignoring the advice of his parents, chooses to spend the winter away from the family’s den. As his journey begins and before the cold sets in, the bear lives a life of ease, singing and dancing with his new friends the birds, the foxes, and deer. But the spring is still far away and the bear soon discovers why the rest of his family hibernates for winter. The story by Félix Leclerc is accompanied by an audio CD with 10 songs from the award-winning singer-songwriter Edgar Bori.

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