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This is a wonderful non-fiction series by Milan Publishing, with informative text and beautiful illustrations on tear-resistant paper. This????_series pack is discounted by 5% (in addition to 10% educational discount applied to your entire order!) ????_

Click here for link to see inside the pages of the first title in this series (click on "feuilleter l'ouvrage"):????_


Our recommended series includes the following ten titles, but substitutions available by request:

Title and Publication Date

L'Espace (Space) - 2005

Les Robots (Robots) 2011

Les Abeilles (Bees)- 2013

Les Cro-Magnon (Cro-Magnon)- 2006

Les Maisons du Monde (Houses around the World)- 2006

Le Chantier (The Construction Site) - 2006

Le Cin????ma (The Movies) - 2011

Les Trains (Trains) - 2012

View more titles available on publisher's web site:????_


Series Details:

Pages (Average, varies by title): 32

Age Range: 5-9

Hard Cover/Board