+Children's Books for Total Beginners!

Looking for super-easy French children's books to get you motivated to read in French? 

We're not talking about the list that come up on every search for "easy" books in French (Petit Prince, Petit Nicolas, etc.) Yes, if you have been studying for awhile these are relatively easy (and we've got them in stock!) 

But if you are a TOTAL beginner and have never read at all in French that much text might be a bit intimidating to start off with. 

Therefore, we've combed through all our books - from Children's picture books to Graphic novels - and pulled out all the easiest ones.  These texts work for total beginning adults as well as kids just starting to learn to read in French. 

We can't guarantee you will understand every word, but with the help of a dictionary and the fun pictures they contain, you will very likely get through most of the story without too much trouble.

You  can read in French with these books! Mais oui! 

Have fun!  Amusez-vous!