Are you learning French?  Bravo! You can do it. We can help  (just think of us as the Home Depot of fRENCH language learning;-))


Are you a Total Beginner?

If you are just starting out, why not try one of these methods and guides. 

As you begin to master the basics, we advise simple picture books and readers for children.  It is good for language acquisition - and the soul:-)  



Or you have learned quite a bit of French already and consider yourself Intermediate:

If you are looking for an easy, enjoyable read -- be sure to also browse our selection of leveled readers and books specifially written for French students. These start at advanced beginner level and go up to high intermediate. 

For authentic materials try: 

  • Non-fiction  written for kids -- the language  can be educational, challenging but not too challenging for your French reading, and a lot of fun.  We particularly love the Quelle Histoire series --fantastic short biographies (kind of like the English "Who was" series) - we also love "La Veritable Histoire de..." series by Bayard. 
  • First chapter books

  • Ready for something a bit more challenging?  There is a lot of wonderful middle grade fiction or teen fiction  - both originally written in French as well as translated English series like Harry Potter!



    For upper intermediate and (even advanced students who are a little rusty) seeking authentic materials written for native speakers why not try: 

    • Easier-to-read novels -- authors and/or books that we find to be very accessible, not too much advanced vocabulary (or at least not every sentence).  
    • Easier-to-read Classics - some of the greatest literature is in simple prose, fanciful language is not a prerequisite for great writing. Try one of these fabulous classics that are also not difficult to read for intermediate learners.

    Last but not least: BANDES DESSINEES (BDS) = GRAPHIC NOVELS!

    French graphic novels are fantastic for intermediate students–or anyone looking for an enjoyable way to engage with a story:-)  There is not too much  text so if you need to look up words, there aren’t as many as in a full page of text, and the illustrations help enormously with comprehension.