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Livres d'Occasion (Gently Used Books)

A book is to me like a hat or coat—a very uncomfortable thing
until the newness has been worn off.   
--Charles B. Fairbanks

****Now Seeking books in Spanish, Italian and other languages in addition to French**** 


Bonjour Mama carries a growing selection of gently used books for all ages which we affectionately call "Déjà-Lu".   None of our used books are available for sale online, so you'll just have to come feuilleter yourself!   

 Plus, we're always looking for more of them! 


We purchase gently used French books (including ones you've purchased from Bonjour Mama!) in great condition in exchange for store credit or cash which may be used toward the purchase of new or used books.    Please note amounts of cash/credit offered vary based on demand, condition and other factors.    

How does it work*?   

1. Drop off* your box/bag of books anytime at our store (located in the back of the Kensington Row Bookshop at 3786 Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895) .   
Please be sure to securely label as follows:

FROM:  YOUR NAME,  email address and phone number.   

To schedule an on-site estimate (for under 20 books), please email or text 240-383-9163 to schedule.

*If you have a large collection (200+ books) we may be able to come to your home. Please email or text/call 240-383-9163 to coordinate. 

2.  We will provide an estimate within about 5 business days. We will assess the books and make an offer for cash or trade credit (usually 10-20% more than cash offers) via email.  Please note amounts of cash/credit offered vary based on demand, condition and other factors.   

3. If you accept our offer for cash, we will issue you a check (cash) and issue a check which will be mailed to you.If you accept our offer for trade credit, we will keep track at the register and you may use it per terms below. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not respond to our offer within 5 business days we will assume you accept the offer for TRADE CREDIT.


You may use any trade-in credit you have accumulated as discount of 30% off any full-priced new book or any used book.  Credit does not apply toward clearance or sale items. Other exceptions may apply. Credit applies to in-store purchases only and may not be used to purchase books online. Credit does not expire as long as we are still in business!  


You have Trade Credit on File of  $10 and wish to purchase $25 in books. We will use $7.50 (30% of $25) of your trade credit to reduce the price of the books . Your total amount due for the books will; be $17.50. You willl have $2.50  ($10-$7.50) left over in trade credit toward your next purchase.

We greatly appreciate trade-ins because this helps keep Bonjour Mama stocked with a great supply of gently used French books that are affordable for everyone in our community! 

 *Policy subject to change at any time.