Altadena Arts Magnet Community, Welcome to the French Book Fair! Bienvenue au Festival du Livre!

Altadena Arts Magnet

Welcome to the French Book Fair! Bienvenue au Festival du Livre!

Bonjour Families, 

We are excited to be hosting our French Book Fair from October 9-20.

Please follow instructions below, and  feel free to contact your book fair coordinator or Bonjour Books DC staff with any questions directly: Text/phone: 240-383-9163.  Email:

Book Fair Online Shopping Instructions: 

  1. Shop for BOOKS: We offer a wide selection of French-language books for all ages and grade levels online at Free shipping is available for all orders over $30.
  2. Shop for GIFTS. We carry a large selection of gifts and goodies on our web site. All sales count toward the book fair!
  3. Show your amour for your child’s teacher!
    1. Check to see if they have created a gift registry* here*Please only purchase from ONE registry per order. The way the registry app works on our site is taht only the last viewed Registry ID will be with associated and the corresponding items on the order will be deducted from the Last viewed registry. If you plan to purchase from more than one person's registry, please place two separate orders. Merci!
    1. If you don’t see their name, consider purchasing them a gift card!
  1. Click the checkout button and follow instructions. For orders of at least $30: FREE shipping to home is available.  
  2. In the "Discount Code" box, enter the book fair code ALTADENA.  Please note no discounts will be applied to your order. This code allows us to track book fair earnings
  3. Continue to payment method and complete your checkout. Need help? Email or send a text message to 240-383-9163. 

 PLEASE NOTE: While we update stock frequently, information is not always 100% accurate. If an item shows in stock, it may in fact be out of stock, and vice versa. All in-stock items will be shipped within approximately 2 weeks. All backordered items will be shipped to home in approximately 4-5 weeks after the end of the book fair. Items purchase from gift registries will also be shipped to home and you (or your child via backpack:-))  will need to deliver them to your child’s teacher.


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