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Publisher: ATRIA BOOKS

ISBN: 9780743276849

Publication Date: November 11, 2022

Description: This is the book by a French architect based in San Francisco that made a huge Hollywood deal and then a seven-figure sale to Pocket Books. It's an interesting study in the difference between a movie concept and a novel. One can imagine it as an offbeat romantic comedy on the screen with charismatic actors and some nifty special effects but as a book it's slight and one-dimensional--and it doesn't help that Levy has no ear whatsoever for American speech patterns. The gimmick at the heart of the story is a mixture of the movie notion of meeting cute and the Invisible Man tradition. Arthur a young architect in San Francisco finds a beautiful girl hiding in the closet of an apartment he has just bought. The problem is only he can see her she is in fact a spirit emanation of Lauren a nurse who is lying in a coma at a nearby hospital after a near-fatal accident the apartment used to be hers. After initially rejecting her explanation Arthur begins to fall for Lauren and determines that he must remove her comatose body from the hospital before her grieving mother can bring herself to cut off her life support. Helped by his skeptical business partner Arthur accomplishes this with a borrowed ambulance and Lauren's knowledge of how the hospital works. Then the body along with the attendant invisible Lauren is spirited away to the Carmel hideaway Arthur has kept since his beloved mother's death from cancer. (Life with mother is rendered in a series of saccharine scenes that would embarrass a maker of life insurance commercials.) George Pilger one of the most improbable American police inspector ever to grace the pages of a novel gets onto Arthur's escapade and goes down to Carmel to confront him. Will Arthur be arrested? Will Lauren die? In a gentle fable like this there can be no real surprises. What is surprising is that so slender a tale which actually reads more like a draft of a screenplay should have appeared as an (almost) full-length book. (May)Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information Inc.

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