Formidable Rencontre avec l'Auteur Binkady-Emmanuel Hié!

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Thank you so much to Binkady-Emmanuel Hié for sharing with our sold-out crowd the story behind his Visibles! —a tribute to 40 Black French historical figures—politicians, generals, musicians, poets and more —whose incredible accomplishments most of us have never heard of —until now!

Just a few examples:

Casimir Fidèle, a former slave who became a Master Chef, hôtelier and real estate mogul.

Alice Mathieu-Dubois, daughter of a freed slave from Guyane, she was the first Black Frenchwoman to become a doctor.

Jean Baptiste Belley-a slave from Gorée, Senegal who purchased his freedom and became the first Black Deputé Député, and part of the délégation that abolished slavery in 1794.

And so many more!

Thank you to Carole Geneix for expertly moderating this event and for our audience’s passionate interest in this important topic!

Merci à Binkady Emmanuel-Hié pour une formidable rencontre et échange avec Carole Geneix autour de votre excellent livre, Visibles! qui remet à l’honneur les figures noires de l’histoires de France!

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