Marc Levy is coming on November 17!

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 Dear Friends of Bonjour Books DC,

After many months of planning, we couldn't wait another day to tell you the fantastic news! 

Marc your calendars for November 17 for an evening and book signing at the French Embassy with bestselling author Marc Levy

Be on the lookout for an event announcement with details very soon from us, the French Embassy, or both.  
Many, many thanks to Cultural Attaché Denis Quenelle for his tireless efforts to help make this happen!  


About Marc Levy 

Since publishing his first novel in 2000, Marc Levy has written 23 more that have been translated into 50 languages and sold 50 million copies worldwide, making him one of the best loved and THE most widely read French novelist of our time.

And for good reason. The stories he tells are adventures in the human experience that tease our imaginations and stir our souls.  His heros and heroines are captivating, complex and diverse. And his writing style is that rare blend of down-to-earth language that is also intelligent and beautiful, which makes it approachable for non-native speakers while satisfying the most discerning readers.

And did you also know.....

His latest trilogy (The 9) are nail-biting political thrillers?  Each centers on The 9, an international network of computer hackers who work in tandem to fight back against the insidious modern-day threats to our freedom, which take the form of brutal dictators, corporate crooks and other beasts of human nature. We haven't been able to put them down, and neither have they:

« Un roman qu'on ne peut pas lâcher, avec un rythme haletant, une écriture électrique. » François Busnel, La Grande Librairie
« Un panaché de Millénium et de James Bond.» Bernard Lehut, RTL
« Un roman à cent à l'heure qui se dévore comme une excellente série. Émouvant, intelligent et très engagé.» Sandrine Bajos, Le Parisien
« Les portraits des personnages sont magnifiques. Le fabuleux conteur sait tenir en haleine son lecteur. » Le Figaro Littéraire, Mohammed Aïssaoui
« C'est addictif et haletant.» Isabelle Raepsaet, La Voix du Nord
« Des romans passionnants. » Laurent Ruquier, France 2

Many of his books have been adapted to film and television?  His very first novel, If Only It Were True, was made into a movie called Just Like Heaven by Steven Spielberg starring Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon.  And the renowned Greek-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras and Marc are working right now to adapt The 9 into a TV series. 

He has written books for children?
Le Petit Voleur d'Ombre is a delightful chapter book series adapted from Marc's novel Le Voleur d'Ombres (The Shadow Thief).  It tells the story of a boy who discovers an unusual superpower: he can see and hear other people's shadows and they confide their owners’ secrets in him!

Last but not least….he lives in New York City and graciously accepted our invitation to travel to DC!

We are over the moon that he is coming. 

While we await his arrival, your November reading pile awaits: don’t wait to plunge into a new Marc Levy novel!  

Pop into Bonjour Books DC in person or online and choose your next -- or first! -- Marc Levy novel!   We have many in stock and more are en route, including his brand new novel: Éteignez tout et la vie s’allume: "une histoire d'amour impossible, une merveilleuse promesse..." Published by Editions Robert-Laffont it releases next month and you can pre-order today.

À très bientôt!


P.S. Find English and Spanish translations of Marc's books on our Bookshop page.

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