My brand new coup de cœur set in Marseille!!

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Recommended for ages 12+. My brand new coup de cœur set in Marseille!!
It takes place the summer after the pandemic and everyone will be back at school in person this fall.
Louisa is 15. She lives at home with her little sister Dina and her single mother who works at a low-paying job selling perfume. Louis suffers from anxiety—about everything, but mainly school. “Le confinement”during the pandemic was a relief - learning at a more relaxed pace (and google answers when necessary;-)) She worries she won’t pass Le Bac and will end up with no career options (her Mom reminds her of this constantly).

Arthur is 16. He is a brilliant student whose father has made a fortune selling boats and they live in a beautiful villa with an ocean view. Arthur’s father is also violent so he does anything to avoid being in the same room as him.
Arthur and Louisa meet at party one night and it’s “le coup de foudre” for Arthur but Louisa is not convinced….

I loved this book on so many levels! 💓First, its a fantastic love story with the chapters alternating between Arthur and Louisa and it is beautiful to witness Arthur’s experience as he falls in love.

Second, books about teens in France brings me straight back to my first school exchange in France at 14 in Metz. I still remember visiting the middle school classroom and seeing all these TROP cool ados (especially my host daughter!) hanging out in their amazingly chic jeans and leather jackets and i just wanted to BE one of them! So reading teen literature in French makes me feel like a teenager again, merci Anais Sautier.

And the dialogue includes all the real words and phrases young people use France! This is there way you learn —in context—how French people really talk (their parents, too) , including entire text threads.

Also—it is set in Marseille and the many references to the landscape and LA MER are THE next best thing to actually going there. This is is one of the places on my list to travel to in the meantime, Marseille, Bébé was an amazing trip!

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