-💖Nouveau Coup de Coeur: Manhattan Place by Carole Geneix

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We are SO EXCITED that our very own (Kensington MD-based!) Carole Geneix Auteure 's brand new crime novel, #ManhattanPalace, released TODAY. It is IN STOCK at Bonjour Books and ready to thrill you.

We are several chapters in and it is already a HUGE coup de 💓 It is set in a fictitious #NYC luxury hotel owned by the mega-rich Sharp-Sterling family, whose matriarch Jacklyn is dubbed the “Queen of England”.

The family members and all the staff are abuzz getting the hotel ready for a lavish wedding: of the dilettante grandson George Sharp Junior to Coco, the trending French Instagram star.

As the scene of the nuptials (and other inevitable deeds!) develops and guests arrive, we are loving getting to know the eclectic cast of characters – like: Mr. Niblet the poseur Hotel Manager and the underlings he disdains; Tiffany: Coco’s Parisian roommate who is excited to discover the real New York after years of fantasizing from movies; Jackson, the ruined former jetsetter who is starting over as a janitor. And a favorite: Archie – Jacklyn’s new paramour. Quiet and shy, he nevertheless has a very firm hold on her

What sweet suspense as we try to guess who will end up dead and who-(will have)-dunit!

Get it RIGHT NOW in our Kensington store or on www.bonjourbooksdc.com.

Then mark your calendars for a discussion and signing with the author on June 16 at the Alliance Francaise, plus a meet & greet / signing chez nous on May 27th from 11-1pm.




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