⭐Our talented local authors!⭐

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⭐For a truly unique gift: how about a book by one of our talented local authors!⭐
✍We are huge supporters of local authors who have written books in French or books in English about France, the French language and related topics.
📚We even have an entire section in the store devoted to them which we like to call "Les Écrivains du Coin"
From murder mysteries to autobiographies --there are so many styles and genres to choose from. See a brief list and description below and swipe left to see some of the covers.

En Français
Joe Biden - THE French language biography of reference of the American President by Sonia Dridi. Excellent reading!

Bonjour! Je lis en français by Asma Elgouacem. Wonderful beginning French readers + bilingual coloring book for children!

Elle Habitait a Sandwich by Pauline Mouhanna Karroum - a beautiful novel about immigration and family.

Paris ici et Ailleurs and Montparnasse-Oregon by Bernadette Brodsky, memoirs of a Frenchwoman in America

La Mille et Deuxième Nuit by Carole Geneix- a fantastic murder mystery set in La Belle Epoque Paris.

Une vague idée du paradis by Pierre Messali-- an elegantly written suspenseful story of a daughter's quest for answers upon her father's death.

Washington vu D'iCi by Emmanuelle Pigueller and Laurence Quervel - two French expats' photographic commentary on the American capital and culture.

Indésirables - la Conference d'Evian et les refugies juifs et Exil impossible: L'errance des Juifs du paquebot St-Louis -by Diane Afoumado -- fascinating accounts by a Holocaust historian.

Kamala Harris -- Olivier Piton's compelling biography of the Vice President.

Dictionnaire Passionné de l'Ile Maurice by Jean-Jacques Dupont -- a unique tribute to a homeland filled with amazing facts about Mauritius.

Le Renouveau de la Démocratie en Amérique by Renaud Lassus -- a modern day de Tocqueville's assessment of America's promise.


In English

The Glow of Paris -- Paris Bridges at Night by Gary Zuercher -- an exquisite collection of Paris bridges in black and white photography, accompanied by narrative of their fascinating history.

L'Origine: the secret life of the world's most erotic masterpiece y Lilliane MIlgrom - absolutely mesmerizing fictionalized history of Gustav Courbet's notorious painting!

Notre Dame de Paris - A Celebration of a Cathedral by Kathy Borrus -- stunning photographic history of the cathedral

Becoming the Frenchified state of Maryland - Lives and Contributions of Acadians, West Indian Refugees, and European Emigres. Impressive and fascinating work by Gregory Wood.

Everytime we say Goodbye - by Renee Michele Payne -- a gripping historical novel and love story set in wartime France that spans three continents!

Migrant Journey by Olga Russo Waters - memoir of a migrant family uprooted from Italy to France and finally America told from the author's remembered experiences as a little girl. Also available in French!

  1. The Big Jiggety, Pop the Plug and All the Night -- by Michael Kent - entertaining, picaresque novels about a young French-American and his adventures on both sides of the Atlantic.

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